Back, Neck & Head Injuries

Many Workplace Injuries Affect The Back, Neck And Head. These are extremely common workplace injuries, no matter what kind of work you perform. Something as simple as picking up a box or falling can cause significant damage and long-lasting pain. As such, these types of injuries can alter the course of a person's life, making it impossible to work or live normally. Even if the victim recovers, there is always the possibility of residual damage.

People with injuries to the head, neck, back, and spine can suffer permanent and serious damage. Brain damage, paralysis, cognitive and emotional problems, and permanent partial or total disability are all distinctly possible.

Even if you are able to return to your job, you may be forced to work fewer hours or only handle lighter duty, lower paying roles. In such circumstances, we offer assistance. Our New York Workers' Comp attorneys have helped thousands of people who suffered catastrophic workplace injuries as a result of:
  • Construction accidents
  • Driving accidents
  • Slip, trip-and-fall accidents
  • Machinery accidents
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